Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jason's 24th Birthday

Jason turned 24 on November 5th. It was so fun to celebrate my man!! And believe it or not I was actually able to surprise him!!!
He got Clothes, a guitar, a suit, and a swim suit! Happy birthday hun!!! love ya tons!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

On Halloween we went to my parents house to hang out. We had a yummy dinner, took Drew trick or treatin and had an insane game of chicken foot!

Brooke as the Joker- scary!!

Matt and his cow

Brooke, MAtt, Me, JAson, Drew, Lesley, Nachelle

Mike and Drew

Matt: becoming a professional cowboy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stockett Halloween Party

Here are a couple pictures from my family party:

pumpkin walk

Last week we went with a bunch of friends to the pumpkin walk in Syracuse. There were thousands of pumpkins and they were so cool!!

Hair cut

Jason hadn't cut his hair since we got home so it was super long!!! Here are his before pictures:

And after:

Super hot!!!

Sweetest guy ever!!!

(ok this picture is sideways but i was in a hurry and they still look pretty)
The other day Jason sent me flowers at work- it was the sweetest thing!! It totally made my day. He is so good to me and always surprises me I love him tons!!!


Matt and Jase playing dress up
Brandon and Drew

Brooke at her viola concert

My Golfin Man

Jason has become quite the golfer :) He has been going a lot and loving it! I'm glad he has picked up this new hobby- I like going with him and driving the cart!

Reba and Kelly Clarkson Concert

We went to this concert a couple weeks ago and had a blast!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back to Utah Life

Sorry for the lack of Bloggin- we don't have the internet so this is really the first chance I have had to blog. We are enjoying being back in Utah- We love being around family and friends again. I am back to work at the Orthodontic office, and Jason has a heavy load of school. We are living in Washington Terrace and loving life!!

Jason and Drew

Super fun Rafting trip

Jason hadn't ever been river rafting so the week we got home we went on a trip to Idaho with Katie, Jake, Chad, and Vanessa. We had a great time! We went down a couple rivers, cliff jumped, enjoyed some hot springs, and had amazing dutch oven meals!! Jason loved it and hopefully this will be a yearly tradition!!

Katie and Jake:
Vanessa and Chad:

Chad, Jase, and Jake:

Jason and Chad Jumping:

Jason and Chad:

Jason jumping off a super high cliff (scared me to death!!)


Our first week home was our party week. Since Jason didn't really get a fun summer- we are trying to live up the last days of summer. We went boating with a bunch of friends and it was so much fun!!

Pittsburgh Date Night

One of our last nights in Pittsburgh we went on a tram ride up the side of a mountain and looked out over the city- it was so beautiful!! It was so fun just to hang out with Jason!! We had a blast!

My Makeover

Ok so right before we came home from Pittsburgh I decided I needed a new look. We didn't tell anyone about it so they would all be surprised. I chopped my hair and went way lighter. My before pictures looks awful but it makes the after look better I guess :)


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Scrapbook Project: DONE!!!

This summer I decided to print most of our wedding pictures and scrapbook them. It is about 100 pages and has 285 pictures. I did black paper and all our wedding colors so it all matches. Ya I know it was a huge project! But it was so much fun! I finished about a month ago but I just got a chance to put some pictures up. Katie and I were scrapbooking everyday for awhile. I'm so grateful I had the summer to get this done I don't know when else I would have had the time! Here are a few samples of what it looks like :)

OK Jess and Suzanne- I'm getting a little better at the whole crafty thing so we can do some when I get home!!! :)