Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stockett Halloween Party

Here are a couple pictures from my family party:

pumpkin walk

Last week we went with a bunch of friends to the pumpkin walk in Syracuse. There were thousands of pumpkins and they were so cool!!

Hair cut

Jason hadn't cut his hair since we got home so it was super long!!! Here are his before pictures:

And after:

Super hot!!!

Sweetest guy ever!!!

(ok this picture is sideways but i was in a hurry and they still look pretty)
The other day Jason sent me flowers at work- it was the sweetest thing!! It totally made my day. He is so good to me and always surprises me I love him tons!!!


Matt and Jase playing dress up
Brandon and Drew

Brooke at her viola concert

My Golfin Man

Jason has become quite the golfer :) He has been going a lot and loving it! I'm glad he has picked up this new hobby- I like going with him and driving the cart!

Reba and Kelly Clarkson Concert

We went to this concert a couple weeks ago and had a blast!!