Monday, December 14, 2009

Flow Rider With Jason's Office 2009

Jason took his office to the flow rider in Ogden. It was pretty entertaining!! I think everyone enjoyed themselves! We are so excited for the summer! We find out in January where we will be going so I will keep everyone posted :)

College Graduate

Jason Graduated from Weber State University on Friday, with his bachelors in Technical Sales. I am so proud of him for all his hard work and achieving his goal!! Good job hun!! Love you tons!

Jason and Jake Bell

Brooke, my mom, Jase, Me, my dad

Rob, Lisa, Jase, Me

Thanks everyone who supports us and enjoyed this big day with us!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Babies Babies Babies!!!!!

We are so excited to be having two new babies coming to our family next year!! Our Brother and sister in law Brandon and Lesley are due on valentines day with a baby boy and we just found out our sister and brother in law Nachelle and Mike are expecting a little baby in June!!!! We are so excited! We love being an aunt and uncle!! Congratulations you guys we are so so so excited for you all and hope everything goes well!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For Sale!!!!

Hey- We are selling out TRIPLEX- If you or anyone you know are interested in buying a house let me know! Thanks!!! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Week's Cabin!!

Our friends Brock and Kelsie took us up to their family cabin for fall break. It was so nice to get away, hang out with friends, and shoot guns and ride around the mountains!!

We saw four moose while we were up there- it was AWESOME!!

Brock and Kelsie

Brock and Jason (I made them stop shooting and pose so I could get their faces HAHA)

Jason and Me having a blast in the snow!

Kelsie and Brock

Kelsie drivin like a crazy lady!!

Me takin Jase for a ride

This lake was beautiful!

Brock and Kelsie

This was a mad game of JENGA! We got it super high and spent a lot of the time laughing!! It was so much fun!

Jason experiencing a motorcycle- he wants one now :)

Jason and Brock

Troy came up and shot guns and clay pigeons with us. They had an awesome pigeon launcher-


Monday, October 19, 2009

Swing batter batter SWING!!

Jason was on a softball league with some of his buddies. It was fun watching them and hanging out with Katie and Kylee at the games! Here are a couple pictures- the last game was freezing and so I only got a couple.




Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your Opinion Please:

Ok it is time for the Crown family to add a new addition to our house! Our "Little buddy" aka our vacuum died and now we need a new one so I can return my moms :) (thanks mom!!!) Anyway- I don't know what brand to get so if any of you would like to leave a little comment about your favorite vacuum that would be awesome!! Thanks guys!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally an update!!! WARNING: this post is HUGE!!!

Wow!! I haven't updated in a long time!! Here is what has happened in our life since Martha's Vineyard:

My Birthday:
The night before my birthday my friend Kelsie brought this adorable mini cake she made to work for me- it was so yummy!!

on my birthday Katie, MAcie, and Kelsie took me to lunch to Red Robin and then we shopped and came back to my house and watched 17 again. It was a wonderful day!! Macie made it through most of it until right before Jason got home.

Katie made these 21 adorable zebra and hot pink cupcakes!! We ate them when JAson got home from work..

Katie, Jake, and Macie gave me this super cute zebra jacket :) My parents sent me a package with a new purse, wallet, and my favorite treats. Jason got me a cricut and a zebra case to put the cricut in.

My Birthday was wonderful and right as it was ending at midnight- I got a visitor!!! Kandyce!!!

While Kandyce was in Boston with me we went to the mansions in Rhode Island and went on a tour of the inside of one..

We also went on the "T" (subway) to the city and went on a duck tour. (Vanessa, me, Kandyce)

Us at Fenway Park- we tried to get in, but couldn't. It was still way cool though!

BOSTON: from the harbor- one of the most beautiful places I have seen!!!


On the Sunday that Kandyce was with us we took her to New YOrk- We saw this car that was completly covered with bird poop.. I of course had to take a picture. A lady stopped while I took the picture. I thought she just didn't walk infront of us to be polite but it turns out it was her car and she waited while I took a picture!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Jase, Me, Kandyce, Vanessa, Chad and Chloe infront of the statue of libery

Time Square
One of Jason's favorite things to do is go boating. We went a few days after he got home and we had a blast!!


Macie and Jake

Jason trying to help me in the choppy water haha

My Dad's 50th Birthday:
Jason had the brilliant idea to put my dad's birthday present inside of this pinata.

We blind folded him, spun him, and let him have at it-

Happy birthday dad!!

Trying a new hobby: Fly Fishing
We went fly fishing with my dad and brother in law for the first time. We had a great time!!

Mike showin us how it is done-

Dad lookin like a pro with all his gear-

Jase, Me, Mike

Brooke's first dance:
My youngest sister Brooke turned 16 over the summer and went to her first Homecoming dance- You look beautiful Boo!

Nachelle's birthday:

My oldest sister just had a birthday-

Drew playing with Matt

I made this for Nachelle's birthday- I love my cricut and am excited to make many more crafts :)
We are doing great and hope you all are doing well as well!!!!