Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Memorial day was fun! I always tend to get way more home sick on holidays but working definitely helps :) Since it was a holiday the boys started working at 9am and I went to work at ten. The nice thing about memorial day is that they get done at 6pm instead of 9pm. After Jase got home we went to a beach about a half hour away and had a bon fire, played football, hung out, and roasted smores. The beach had really big shells! It blows my mind that we are living on the east coast!! There is so much to see and do out here. We are so blessed and I am so grateful to be having all these amazing adventures with the love of my life!!! Happy memorial day Family- we miss you!!!
Jase had so much fun playing football with all the guys!!

me, katie, macie, and jake

the football game

Best Anniversary Ever!!!!

We had a fabulous anniversary. Before Jason and I had to work we went to the temple. It was gorgeous and so neat to think that a year ago we were sealed and started our eternal journey together. One of the temple workers found out it was our first time to the Boston temple so he gave us a tour- it was so neat I saw rooms I have never seen in any temple before. I love having the gospel in my life and I am so so so grateful that we have a temple only an hour away from our Boston home. Jason went to work, I went to work, and I got off around 5:30 and was excited for my wonderful man to get home. I had this great idea to remake the top of our wedding cake since we didn't bring it with us. The inside of our cake was flavored orange cream so I thought it would be fun to do the middle with orange cream ice cream- it turned out to be one of those ideas that was way better in your head- ice cream cakes are really hard to frost fyi :) well it was the thought that counts right- Jason came home and gave me some beautiful flowers and my favorite chocolates. We then went to the most wonderful sea food restaurant in the world!!! I have never had such good sea food before. We tried the clam chowder which is our new favorite Boston treat, and Jason had sword fish, I had halibut and cod- It was so great. I had so much fun celebrating with my amazing husband!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nicole's Needs

Ok my friend Natalie tagged me- you go to and type in your needs ex. Nicole's needs then you put the first five things that pop up- kinda random and fun!

Nicole's needs:
1. Nicole needs to live in the NOW
2. Fan Mail!!!!
3. Doll Domination (I have no idea what this means lol)
4. A licensed massage therapist
5. Help moving-

well there you have it- this is what google thinks I need haha. I tag Katie, Shawna, Vanessa, Kelsie, Carol, Casey, Jenna, and Jeff :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary Hun!!!!!!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful, amazing, smart, funny, hot, etc. husband a Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it has already been a year- time has flown by so quick! Hun you make everyday so exciting and enjoyable. I love how I can be having the most horrible day ever and as soon as I see you I can't help it but smile! Thanks for being such a remarkable man, for treating me like a queen, making me laugh, honoring your Priesthood, working hard, playing hard, loving life, and loving me! I Love you Tons Tons and look forward to many more exciting years with you !!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love Sundays!!!

What another wonderful Sunday!! Sundays are my favorite day of the week. It is the only day that Jason is off. Yesterday we had Stake Conference which was amazing. President Eyring spoke and Elder Hales. It was a broadcast. Before we moved out here Elder Hales came to our stake conference and spoke to us. He used the same story in both talks so I think we really needed to get what he has been telling us. They spoke a lot about being prepared and being happy with what we have. It was an excellent meeting.

After church we went site seeing with the Weeks family. Troy, Brock's dad, was out here for business so he took us around to see a bunch of stuff. We went to Plymouth to see the Mayflower and Plymouth rock (I am not going to lie- I thought Plymouth rock was a huge rock- so it was kinda funny to see the real thing not as big as I imagined) It was really neat to see all the history there. We went to Plymouth Plantation also, which was very neat.

We then drove out to see the Kennedy compound where JFK was born. The house was beautiful and the beach had some amazing sea shells. We had a wonderful trip with good company and many good laughs!! enjoy the picturesJFK's House

The view from the Kennedy home

Plymouth Plantation

The Mayflower on an Ox's back- original!

The Mayflower
Brock, Kelsie, and Troy checking out Plymouth rock

The rock :)

Shopping in the big city with the girls

On Saturday a bunch of us girls went into the big city of Boston. Driving here is ciaos so it is nice that the T station(the subway) is only about a mile from our house. We had about 7 strollers and a lot of flights of stairs to pack them up. It was way crazy but way fun!

(Shawna, Famous random guy, Katie, Macie, Me)
K- I don't know who this dude is- he was walking by and told us that he was in movies before so he is used to having his picture taken- I am not sure what movies but if I ever find out this picture is probably worth a lot LOL!!
This street performer was pretty cool he climbed a ladder that wasn't leaning against anything, when he got to the top he jumped onto his unicycle and started to juggle.
Waiting for the T
Alicia and Cohen
Vanessa and Chloe
Shawna, Chelsea, and Michelle

Staci and Rachel
Erin and Ben
Brock and Jack
It was freezing cold when we got there so I bought this super cute jacket for a killer deal :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

What a wonderful mother's day in Rhode Island

For Mother's day we went to church- our bishop let us out early (truly inspired) which was a great present!! We went home, relaxed for a little bit had a yummy lunch, and then we went to Rhode Island to see some mansions on the beach- this was one thing I for sure wanted to see while we are living out here so it was a perfect choice for mothers day. We went with a bunch of our friends: the Bells, the Weeks, and the Lines. We had so much fun. It is so great to be able to see so much!! When we got home Jase made me a super yummy dinner and we watched a chick flick- it was a wonderful day!!
I just love this goofy guy- he cracks me up!!!

We climbed out to this rock in the ocean- it was a little difficult in flip flops but a good adventure!! We had to climb along the side of a rock on a tiny ledge- but we made it and the ocean was wonderful!!!

Jason makes every picture look good- love you hun :)

Katie and I decided that this roof looks like Indian Corn very unique!

We drove over this bridge a few times- it was supposed to be over it and back but ended up being over it a few extra times and paying the toll a couple more times than needed- roads out here are crazy and confusing but it made for some good laughs!!

Our friends the Lines

We love our MOMS!!!!!

Happy Mothers day to my wonderful mom and mother in law!! We are so grateful to have such amazing women in our lives. Mom your my best friend and I love you so much! I'm so grateful for Lisa as well- you have made me feel so welcomed and loved!! WE love you both so much and sorry we weren't with you on your day but we were thinking of you and love you tons!!!