Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This weekend was kinda crazy- Chad and Vanessa blessed Chloe and it was so neat to see Jason and the family using the Preisthood to bless her. Our family had an aweful experience on Monday morning. The roads were completly iced over and Jason and I woke up to the awful phone call that Colby had been in an accident. Jason rushed to the hospital to help Rob give him a blessing. As soon as Jason left I started praying and worrying. Colby is lucky to be alive and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father that he didn't take him from us. It made me realize that things happen so fast! I am so thankful for Jason and the Preisthood that he honors. I love my family and I'm so thankful that everyone is alright and still here with me today!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day!!!

Jason, Lisha, Boo, Mom, and Dad

Jason hasn't ever celebrated St. Patrick's day before- and as you all know I love celebrating anything and everything!! My mom always made a special dinner with corn beef and cabbage, and green jello, punch, etc. This year we went and had dinner with my mom and dad and Alisha and Brooke. It was so fun!! This year my mom found green dough nuts- they were so festive and fun! Thanks family we had a wonderful time celebrating with you and it was fun to introduce Jason to this fun new holiday :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last week was spring break and Jason was in California for work. I went with the Crowns to Las Vegas for London's soccer games and had a blast!! London did awesome and it was so fun hanging out!!!

driving to Vegas

Colby, London, and Kandyce

My sunglasses model sister aka London :)

Denver, Kandyce, Me

Best player out there: LONDON

The Strip:

Kandyce and me- she is so funny and cute!!

Kandyce was crackin me up the whole time- these are random people that we made feel famous lol

Talkin to my man :)


OK so London is amazing and does flip throw ins!! They are my favorite thing to watch!!

We picked Jason up in St. George- it was so great to see him again!! I missed him tons!!!!!!!

It was so funny- we ran out of gas 1/2 mile out of Nephi.. about 5 minutes after we were totally out this message came up:
We had a great Spring break!! It was so fun to hang out in Vegas with the family and I am so glad that Jason is back with me :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

What we have been up to

Well, I haven't posted for awhile so I'll give you all a little update on the Crown happenings. Jason and I have been very busy with school. I finished my first big interior design project and present it tomorrow. WAHOO!!!(this is the music room I designed)

We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday Jason's cousin Naish was baptized. Jason spoke and did a wonderful job! On Sunday Macie was blessed and we were able to spend the day with our best friends. It was so neat to see Jason and his buddies standing in the circle together and using their priesthood!!
We also had another unusual experience on Saturday. Colby and Denver helped me finish a trick for Jason. Denver was babysitting a puppy and we pretended like they bought the puppy for me. They broght him over that afternoon and I watched him the rest of the day. It was a good practice run with the whole puppy thing. Jason is very good at detecting liars so he didn't really buy into the whole thing.. o well it was fun to have a little buddy for the day. :)
(Jason pretending not to like the dog- he really did though!!)
I also hired a personal trainer this past week.. I have been told that skinny is not the same as being in-shape, so I am getting in-shape :) My personal trainer is smokin hot!! His name is JASON lol he has helped me realize that the gym is almost as good as outside! Especially when it is cold outside :)