Saturday, April 25, 2009

We made it to Boston!!!!

WAHOO!!! YAY BOSTON!! WE FINALLY MADE IT!! We arrived in Boston on Wednesday night. It is so beautiful here, and there is so much to see! I'm so grateful for the time that we have had to spend together and see some stuff before the work starts on Monday. Don't worry I took tons of pictures- Enjoy!!!

ok so our furniture didn't come until yesterday so we used our air mattress for awhile- bed, couch, it worked great for many thing! here we are watching the Jazz game.

Thursday Jason and I went on a date to the city. It is so beautiful and I had a blast spending the day with my man :)

The temple is beautiful- it is not too far away so I am looking forward to going often!

Time for a hair cut!! We cut Jason's hair this morning- it was the first time he has ever let me do it- I was super nervous and it kinda took awhile but he was happy with the result!

The pile of his hair- we cut tons off!!

WOOO!!! This is what I am talkin about- Hottest guy ever!!!

-Our Boston home-
Front door

Office and closet

Living room




Laundry room
We love our house!! It is so nice!


The Yankees played the Red Sox today- we went into the city and hung out around fenway park. we rode the T in- we had a great time!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How did I get so lucky?

I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! I have an amazing husband who spoils me and treats me like a queen, two wonderful families who are my favorite people to be with, great friends, the opportunity to go to school and get the degree I have always wanted, what else could a girl ask for? We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It is getting down to the end of our time here in Utah so it has been a pretty emotional week for me!! I'm way excited for Boston but I am going to miss all my favorite things (family and friends) :) here in Utah. Here are some family pictures from the weekend.
-Easter Sunday-

Stockett Crew- back: Dad, Mike, NH, Jason, Lesley, Drew, Brandon
Front: Mom, Matt, Alisha, Brooke, me

Crown bunch- back: London, Kandyce, Jason, Me
Front: Colby, Denver, Lisa, Rob


These are a few of my final boards I'm really proud of them because I only had like 2 days to do them so I was impressed with how they turned out :)

This is what our living room has looked like this past week- it has been pretty chaotic!! But, it feels so great to almost be done with school!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy One year since we got engaged!!

A year ago from yesterday was when Jason and I got engaged. We had a wonderful time celebrating. We went to Red Lobster for a fabulous dinner and then came home and watched a cute movie. Jason, as I have said before, is the best, most sweetest, hottest, romantic, thoughtful, amazing guy in the entire world- which makes me the luckiest girl in the world!! I'm so grateful that he picked me and now we are happily married and enjoying everyday of our fun journey together!! I love you so much hun- thanks for making my life so wonderful!!!