Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Scrapbook Project: DONE!!!

This summer I decided to print most of our wedding pictures and scrapbook them. It is about 100 pages and has 285 pictures. I did black paper and all our wedding colors so it all matches. Ya I know it was a huge project! But it was so much fun! I finished about a month ago but I just got a chance to put some pictures up. Katie and I were scrapbooking everyday for awhile. I'm so grateful I had the summer to get this done I don't know when else I would have had the time! Here are a few samples of what it looks like :)

OK Jess and Suzanne- I'm getting a little better at the whole crafty thing so we can do some when I get home!!! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Birthday

WOW I'm 20!! I had the best birthday! It was fun to celebrate on Sunday when my family was here but on my real birthday we started off the day by paintballing all morning- we had a blast! I hadn't ever been before and we will definately go again! I got some really good battle wounds! When we got home there were balloons and a lovely wrapped present on the bed- Jason got me a GPS and a touch IPOD!! I know I always say this- but he totally spoils me!!!!! He made my birthday so wonderful I love him tons!! Katie took me to dinner at Red Robin I got balloons, sung to, and delicious ice cream, we laughed a ton and had a blast as always!! We went shopping and found way cute covers for my IPOD they are zebra print and one is purple and black and the other is white and black- it looks super cute!! Jake and Katie got me a really cute shirt and mango lotion. When we got home Katie taught me how to make a yummy rice crispy roll and Jake helped me learn how to use my IPOD :) When Jason got home we watched the Olympics and had a great time hanging out! Thanks everyone who thought of me on my birthday- you all made it a great day!! I love you all!

Jason and me all ready for paint balling!!

Katie and Jake

One of my lovely bruises

My balloons, cards, and presents

At dinner with Katie- so much fun!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best Surprise Ever!!!!!

Jason is always surprising me and last week he gave me the best surprise yet!! He surprised me awhile ago and bought me a car but it was back in Utah so I hadn't seen it yet and thought we wouldn't have it until we went home..... but my mom, dad, and two little sisters Alisha and Brooke, drove out in it. I was so excited to see them! I was in shock!!!! We spent all last week traveling around the east coast and seeing so many amazing things- we had a blast!! We started out our trip in Pittsburgh. I took them on a hike but kinda forgot my way around the trail so it ended up being a very long adventure- my dad finally found a main road and we followed that back to our car- luckily my family has great attitudes so it was very enjoyable- blisters and all! Then we went to West Virginia where my Grandpa grew up. We saw the farm he was raised on and the super famous 'Stockett Road'. After West Virginia we went to Washington D.C. my dad is so good with all us girls- he found a very large outlet mall for us and we found some amazing sales! The next day we went into D.C. and saw so many amazing things it is such a clean city- we loved it! After D.C. we drove to New York City- we walked all over the city, saw amazing buildings, went into China town (which was very stinky) and ate a hot dog in Central Park. It kept raining off and on so it cleared up the air and made it easier to see the city. After New York City we went to Palmyra- it was so neat to be in such a spiritual place with my family.. Then we went to Canada to see Niagra Falls it was beautiful. Then we came back to our house and Jason and I spoke in church on Sunday- it was great having a very supportive fan club there!! We had a bbq with the Bells and Katie made me a very yummy birthday cake. We played games and enjoyed all the company. Monday we went to the chocolate store again and then we went swimming it was pretty chilly and the pool was the emptiest we have ever seen it. After the pool we went to the mall and then to the airport. It was so sad to send them home. The week was the funnest week ever and it went by so fast! I'm so grateful for my family and Jason and all they do to make me the happiest girl ever! I'm so excited to get back to Utah to be with all our awesome family again!! :)

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Last week was Katie's birthday and her favorite animal is a pig so I made her this pig cake! (it looked a lot cuter when I pictured it in my head)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!! I'm so glad we have become best buds out here in Pittsburgh!!