Monday, August 10, 2009

Martha's Vineyard

On Sunday we went to Martha's Vineyard with our friends the Weeks. We went to a little Branch on Cape Cod and then took the ferry across the ocean to the Island. We rented Scooters and rode around the Island all day and had an absolute BLAST!!! We ate at a place called Sharky's Cantina which if we ever go back we will for sure go back! Jase and I forgot our sunglasses so the scooter place gave us these super awesome yellow ones to wear- It was so so so much fun to get away and just play and relax!

These cute little houses were all over the Island- they call them Gingerbread houses and they are all brightly painted

We walked a long the a beach to get out to this lighthouse-

Brock is obsessed with ice cream more than me!! Which is totally fine because I can eat Ice cream anytime :) We stopped and tried some homemade Ice Cream which was amazing they had tons of flavors and they even had this kind with real lobster chunks! EW! we didn't try it- my favorite kind was a strawberry cheese cake kind with huge chunks of cheese cake with graham cracker crust and strawberries. Jason really like the raspberry sorbet of course! :)

Gettin ready to go on our adventure- Jase, Me, Kelsie, Brock

Brock, Kelsie, Me, Jase

This was so neat!! We went in a little fudge shop and they were making huge rolls of fudge- it was amazing!!

We had a wonderful Day on the Island and I am so grateful we were able to go!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Joseph Smith's Birthplace: Vermont

On Sunday we took a little road trip- (3 Hours there- 3 Hours back) To Vermont to see the birthplace of Joseph Smith. The car ride was great we rode with Brock and Kelsie and we probably laughed 5.5 hours of the 6 hours in the car! The monument was really neat! I love having all these neat experiences with my sweet sweet hubby!! We are so blessed and I am so thankful for our amazing life!
Inside the visitor's center

The monument outside- every foot represents a year of Joseph's life.

This is the front step of the house that Joseph was born in

Cute photo op :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some of my Favorite things......

I love carmel apples!!! Every time we go to Park City or other trips I have to get one and it is always a highlight!!! My family went to Park City for the 24th and sent us these apples all the way to Boston! I got them at work and was so so so excited!!! Thanks so much mom and dad! Your the best- thanks for always thinking of us and sending all the fun care packages!! We love you!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A little pick me up.....

I was looking on my friend's blog and she had this video- it totally picked me up, added a little boost to my day. It kinda sums up how I have been feeling I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and without the Lord and the power of prayer and the Priesthood I wouldn't be able to make it. I hope you enjoy this song and video :)