Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love my life!!!

I have been so awful at blogging!! This post is really long! A lot has happened in the past month and it has been so fun!! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with Chansi!! We have fun together everyday! She always makes me smile and I am so grateful she is my little girl!!
Chansi is so styling!! She has a cuter wardrobe than me!! Yes she is wearing jeggings!!!

Chansi is now eating rice cereal and she is such a trooper about the whole thing!!

This is Chansi at the Doctor's office. She was all smiles and giggles until they gave her shots. She is 25 inchese long and 11 lbs. 14 oz.

Chansi loves Jase!! She is such a daddy's girl!!

I gave Chansi her first pedicure on Christmas night! We have twinner glitter toes- she loves her feet to be rubbed!!

Chansi with her Favorite Uncle Matt!

Chansi loves cuddling grandma!!

Chansi's favorite uncle Colby gave her this awesome car walker and she loves being pushed around in it!!

You can totally tell who rules this house right?!!! She is always always the center of attention!!

She loves her bumbo she got for Christmas!! Everytime we would open a present she would squeal and get so excited!!

This is one of Jason's creative wrapping jobs: L for London and if you turn it around its J for from Jason haha

CHansi was so good on Christmas eve we were up late back and forth at both our familes. She stayed up to unwrap pajamas and fell asleep right after we took this picture.

THis is how JAson wrapped my pajamas

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!! We just found out that we will be moving in April to Philadelphia for JAson's job! We are so excited and cannot wait for this new adventure!!!


Little Barney Family said...

Love the outfit she is wearing in her carseat!! It makes me want to have a girl!! Sounds like you guys are having a great time!

Little Barney Family said...

And good luck in Philly!!

JORDEL said...

If ever Chansi goes missing it's because I stole her. SOOOOOO cute.

Clint & Natasha said...

You look so pretty in that top picture of you and Chansi. I'm so excited for this summer :]

Natalie said...

Chansi is seriously so cute! I love how much you love being a mom!

Todd and Jordyn Johnson said...

she looks like her daddy! How cute is that! She is adorable!