Friday, March 4, 2011

Latest Happenings

Still happy as ever! I am so blessed to have my sweet girl with a huge smile on her face almost all the time!!

Chansi loves it when her daddy reads to her- she also loves being naked so we let her play in her undies before bed

Chansi finally got to start foods!! She was getting so sick of cereal. This was the first time she tried it and loved it!!!

Jase took over- he let her eat from the bowl and put it on her hands for her- he said her hands go in her mouth anyway so he was speeding up the process- gotta love watchin my man be a dad!!

Our good friends the Bells surprised us when they came to visit from Texas- Chansi loved seeing them and cried when they left :(

We were able to go out with our friends the Taylors and meet their sweet baby Navy:

Chansi loves the piano and music!!

Ok random picture but I totally don't plan their outfits out- they randomly match all the time!

We are doing great! Looking forward to our upcoming move we are so excited!!! Hope everyone is well!!


The Kusuda's said...

Chansi is so cute!!!!

Brye & Michelle Lines said...

So cute and fun! Excited to hang out this summer! :)

The Taylor's said...

she is so CUTE!!!! looks like you put highlights inyour hair, VERY CUTE! I just started this blog and I have no idea how to work it! Oh and christina works at wells with me! Small world...

Natalie said...

So cute! Seriously Cute!