Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Realize your Blessings

We had a wonderful Sunday as usual. Church was great the talks were about realizing your blessings, and seeing trials as blessings- always good to hear! We are so blessed and have such a wonderful life filled with great experiences and people!! We went to Bunker Hill after church. I am loving all the neat things we get to see out here in Boston!! Enjoy the pictures :)

This is the Bunker hill monument. Thanks Brock for the cool picture!!

Jase Walking up the Monument- there were 300 steps to the top- good work out!!!

Finally at the top- the view was unbelievable- so beautiful!!

This was at the top- it went all the way to the bottom- kinda scary to walk over!!!

One of the views from the top of the monument

Another gorgeous view of the city

The staircase- it spiraled the whole way up

OK This is pretty cool- This is how we roll in B-town. This is a toilet- you put a quarter in to use it and then it opens like an elevator. There is music playing inside, and if you are in there longer than 20 minutes- too bad the doors will open cuz thats all the time you get!

This was an active battle ship that was pulled into the harbor, but they weren't doing tours when we got there, Jake, Brock, and Jason being the guys they are talked to this sailor about giving us our own little tour. We didn't get the tour but they had a good chat! :)

We had another great adventure and are looking forward to many more to come soon!!


Matt and Kiera Dorius said...

Nicole I am way jealous of your fun adventures! I wish we were closer to Boston. Oh and to answer your question from forever ago I am one of the office manager in our office...its a love/hate relationship. I love having a job, just hate the job. :)